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Joe Paige performing on a Fender Stratocaster Guitar.
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I started playing guitar at the age of twelve after seeing my cousin had received a Sears model knock-off of Eddie Van Halen’s “Frankenstrat". I already had a taste of Rock and Roll from listening to records and 8-tracks with my dad. Seeing that sweet paint job on a guitar made me want to get my hands on one too!

In class I kept talking about it with said cousin. “How do you like your guitar?”......“It seems pretty sweet!”.....“You learn any new songs?”.

Finally, exasperated, my cousin scribbled some lines and numbers on a piece of paper.

“What’s this?”, I asked.

“That’s Wipeout.”, he replied nonchalantly.

He watched me gaze at the paper trying to understand what it all meant. “Here, the lines are the strings, the numbers are the frets. You just follow the pattern and you can learn the song.”

I went home with my piece of tablature and grabbed the old acoustic my dad had lying around the house all this time. Placed the paper in front of me and started to finger the notes one at time. The strings were so damn high off the fretboard my fingers ached with each note. I persisted and after some effort I could play Wipeout by the Surfaris. My dad, hearing the familiar notes turned to me and laughed maniacally, “Muh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaa! Wiiipeout!”. That was it…

Licensed Music, Soundtracks, Guitar, Electronica

The following video is of a performance  I did for the Boreal Electro Acoustic Music Society titled ‘Duelling Axes’. The intent of the performance was for artists to create pieces that were visually represented by an X/Y plot on an oscilloscope. For this performance, I chose to create a Triptych (3 sections) that would allow me to mix traditional instrument performance, synthesis and experimentation. I didn’t focus overly on creating implicit imagery and let the imaging software interpret the work as it was.


Just jamming on the modular system. I’ve combined commercial Eurorack  synth modules and ones that I DIY’ed to build my system. Which is ever a work in progress. On occasion I perform some of the patches live on my Twitch Stream . If you have a chance drop in and say hello! The majority of the Eurorack modules I use can be viewed on my Modular Grid page.


The following Guitar piece is an improvised performance inspired by my Grandpa’s Fiddle playing. He was originally from Hungary/Czechoslovakia and I could hear many Eastern inflections in his playing the few times I got to hear him play.

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